Though we are not in the path of complete totality in Lufkin, we will be fairly close. For at least 4 minutes we will experience around 99% of what people will be seeing a little further West.

It will look like twilight outside for many of us. You will need eclipse glasses to view the event the entire time, so you don't burn your retinas.

Reports of possible traffic jams in areas with totality might thwart your day. It's not like we are all getting Monday off to watch the event.

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City Of Lufkin Parks And Recreation Solar Eclipse Watch Party

Lufkin Parks and Recreation has you covered if you still want a shared experience while seeing this once-in-a-lifetime event. There will be a Solar Eclipse Watch Party on April 8, 2024 at Louis Bronaugh Park from 12-3 PM.


This park is an ideal location with an unobscured view of the eclipse. The lack of trees makes it one of the best Lufkin parks to see the eclipse.

Eclipse Glasses Provided While Supplies Last at Lufkin Watch Party

City Of Lufkin
City Of Lufkin

The partial eclipse will start for us at 12:23:47 PM according to When the edge of the moon touches the edge of the sun, that is called first contact.

During the deepest point of the eclipse here, the sun will be almost entirely covered by the moon. The maximum eclipse will be at 1:43:49 PM.

The edge of the moon will leave the edge of the sun here at 3:04:12 PM, and we will have seen a very thin crescent sun.

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