At around 6 PM on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 a small silver Yorkie was hanging out in his owner's purse. Her owner was in the food court area inside the Lufkin Mall.

While in the food court, the owner put down her purse with the tiny Yorkshire Terrier chilling inside, for only a second. When she returned to her purse the dog was gone.

The dog is named Boomer, and he wasn't having a quick cruise for fries; he was stolen. Someone passing by decided that the dog should be theirs.

Lufkin Police Department Does The Most

Upon getting the report of the stolen dog, the Lufkin Police Department put up a post on Facebook. They even created a trending hashtag #bringboomerhome.

That was all it took for the person who picked him up to contact the police.

The perpetrator dropped Boomer off at the Lufkin Police Department. There was no word about charges or an arrest.

Some officers took the time for a photo shoot with Boomer once he was dropped off.

Lufkin Police Department/Facebook
Lufkin Police Department/Facebook

Boomer's owner was reunited with him on Wednesday morning at City Hall. He was so happy to see his person.

See Boomer Go In And Out Of Owner's Purse

We also learned how he easily goes in and out of the purse. He must be a sweet dog. If someone were to invade the purse I was sleeping in, they would have gotten a nip on the hand.

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This feel-good story was made possible by The Lufkin Police Department and CrimeStoppers.

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