If you have been in the Lufkin Mall in the past few years you might have noticed a clothing store called Legitt. I thought it was "leg - it" because they sold leggings.

Now I'm pretty sure that it is just legit, with two t's. They sell all kinds of clothing and accessories.

The name on Yelp is Legitt Urban. On the Facebook group or marketplace listing, they describe the store as a place to get women's urban apparel, streetwear, men's urban clothing, and custom T-shirts.

You Can Now Own This Business In The Lufkin Mall

If you are a fast fashion guru and you want your very own store, this one is ready to go in the Lufkin Mall. You can have all the stock and the name for $20,000. They can't sell the physical store space because they rent it from the Lufkin Mall, but everything else is included.

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The Lufkin Mall is still home to over 40 businesses. Out of those, at least 15 or so are local small businesses like Legitt.

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Legitt is in space C-5 on the same side Sears used to be, down from the AMC theater, and next to where GNC used to be. There are a lot of used-to-be's in that sentence, and that is the current state of our Lufkin Mall.

Lufkin Mall Under New Ownership For Two Years

Lufkin Mall is currently owned by the Kohan Retail Investment Group. They operate around 50 different malls and shopping centers in the US.

This Store In Lufkin Mall Is For Sale

If you are into fashion this entire brand and store is for sale for 20K.

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You could own this local icon for only $300K.

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Over 40 Felony Arrests In Angelina County in January 2024

These are felony arrests in Angelina County in January with mugshots. All defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Most of the arrests were made by the Lufkin Police Department and the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

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