Several major retailers from Dallas, TX to Houston, TX, and across Texas, will be giving their employees a chance at some extra family time this holiday season.

First, anyone else skeptical about the holidays ever actually being about spending time with friends and family and not just spending money on them? Really feels like that's only ever happened in movies.

But it's true, for so many years decades, for business, it's been about getting consumer's dollars first. After all, once your money's spent, ya all done shopping.

This is why holiday sales and Christmas sales keep getting moved up earlier and earlier every year. It makes business sense, but from a consumer standpoint, we're walking through decorative Santa Clauses to find our kids a Halloween costume.

So, seeing big retailers actually pause consumerism, for even just one day, is a bit refreshing. Of course COVID shutdowns are a contributor to this with many businesses realizing they can still get your money even if you're not physically in the store.

And it's not just one or two major stores, five major retailers will be closing their doors this year so their employees can be off on Thanksgiving... Granted, many will be back to work early the next morning for Black Friday Sales, but it's still nice to see.

And we all know that a big reason behind stores actually willing to provide this extra time off, is that online shopping is booming. It has become so much more popular the past few years.

You or someone you know probably plans to do all their Christmas shopping online this year. If these stores can close, make employees feel appreciated, and not even really feel it, why not give them the day off, right?

It actually makes good business sense now.

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